The CACHE Project Season 1

keeping up with alus

ALUS Canada is changing the way farmers and ranchers view wetlands and riparian areas in Central Alberta, they may now also consider themselves environmental entrepreneurs.

taimi soil projects

Taimi Soil Projects, also known as Rancho Relaxo, is a different kind of Ranch. Jeff & Juli Gillies have created a cutting edge example of how to sustain your family from your own backyard.

The gopher hole museum

The Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, AB: a bizarre take on life in the area.

the great rejuvenation of downtown red deer

Long title but well deserving. During the 1990’s tumbleweeds were rolling across the main intersection in downtown Red Deer. This story traces the life, death & rebirth of downtown Red Deer.

farmer john

Keeping an organic vegetable farm in Central Alberta is no small feat. Between the hailstorms, weeds, and a small market, with enough help, John Mills makes it possible.

the philosophical cowboy

Morris Flewwelling, past mayor of Red Deer and current Rancher philosophizes about Central Alberta.