The CACHE Project Season 2

The second season of The CACHE Project returns with support from TELUS Optik. This season of short documentary films include a scripted documentary written and directed by Wanda Reinholdt. The other four films are short documentaries from Director Rueben Tschetter, including Forgotten Prairie which received best screenwriting non-fiction nod from 2018 Rosie Awards.

Forgotten prairie

The Big Doer & friends are on an adventure to research and create stories among forgotten Saskatchewan ghost towns. We recreate with view camera technology from the turn of the last century when the towns were bustling.


nspired by the Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation & The Empathy Program, community leaders and young people create conversation, listen and look for solutions to mental illness in youth.


Jeff Collins travels to Hutterite Colonies in Alberta to see why they are making major investments in Geo Thermal, Solar Thermal, Wind & Solar Electricity projects.


Like a hockey player goes back and forth to play hockey. You do what you have to do in the urban setting then you come home to a traditional setting to take care of the sacred teachings, songs, dancers and the drum.


How diverse is Alberta & Western Canada? What is the significance of that diversity? What are the challenges of integrating into Canadian society since the Brexit vote and the outcome of the US election.