The Beginning

The CACHE Project began the way any documentary project begins, with haste. It all began with a summer workshop program at NUTV, a University of Calgary on campus production studio. During the summer of 2011 Rueben Tschetter tackled 21st Century Farmer as the final step in completion of the workshop. To ensure the challenge of filmmaking was properly understood, he also wrote and performed the music for this film. Several short films followed thereafter, exploring the theme of rural Western Canadian culture.

21st century farmer

21st Century Farmer is a short documentary film by Rueben Tschetter. It describes the struggles and achievements of family farms in Alberta as technology and farming practices favour larger corporate farms.

trapline 34

Gordie Klassen teaches humane trapping and a sustainable outdoor lifestyle in northern Alberta. A short Documentary film by Rueben Tschetter for the CACHE Project.

reynolds-alberta museum, up close and personal

A story that takes a close look at historical Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin Alberta.

rosebud & The rosebud theatre

Central Alberta Community Events travels south to Rosebud. The Rosebud Theatre has been operating for a long time. The musical Cotton Patch Gospel is the summer show for this year, and it’s the greatest story ever retold. The Rosebud Theatre, Wild Horse Jacks, Rosebud Country Inn and all tea shops, gallerys and museums invite you to experience home away from home.

the gunners of central alberta

The CACHE Project presents a short film on the military community in Central Alberta.

Ellis bird farm

On Sunday June 2, 2013 Ellis Bird Farm hosted a family-oriented BioBlitz. The BioBlitz, led by EBF Biologist Myrna Pearman and her staff, involved conducting an inventory of the plants and animals found around the EBF site. Also covered is the tagging of a tree swallow and the return of Emalia, the first purple martin ever tracked from her winter migration.