Hello and welcome to CACHE Productions. We are a documentary, narrative and corporate filmmaking company in Western Canada. We create content for The CACHE Project and corporate clients. Click on the The CACHE Project Collection in the menu to see samples of our work. We absolutely love making films.

Quite simply, we are a filmmaking company that specializes in telling stories about Alberta & Western Canada. Our modus operandi is to tell human interest stories from a non-thematic, geographically significant, humanistic perspective. What does that mean? It means our stories are considered on the merits that they inform & include everyone in the community, rather than tell about a specific theme or point of view. Our stories encapsulate the innovation, diligence, energy and emotion within a strong Albertan & Western Canadian identity. We aim to tell stories with high quality original visual narratives and to develop an original style of storytelling that compliments Western Canadian culture. We celebrate this community and its people by telling their story, so that history and its efforts can be appreciated.

Alongside The CACHE Project we also produce your vision. We are involved in small and large productions. We have worked with Sultans Choice Belly Dance one day and with 3 time world champion Hoop Dancer Dallas Arcand the next. We’ve traveled to South Africa to produce shows for Wild TV and we’ve visited Fort Normandeau to produce for The Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery. With support from you the viewers and our community, we provide original creative storytelling

CACHE Productions is based in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We travel across our province, our country, and beyond to produce content. We document, promote and celebrate the people and organizations who dedicate themselves to making our communities stronger. Our stories and narrative techniques are continuously perfected and growing. If you like what you see, feel free to give us a shout. Please visit our social media pages to learn more.

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